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Play At OTP

- Playing a show? -

This section is reserved for those groups that are going to use OTP Wasco for a show.

Venue Advance Information

Looking forward to the show. Show days can get quite busy with the influx of your fans joining our loyal patrons. Although our staff would be happy to assist, their first priority is the customers. We appreciate if you parse this document and ask us questions beforehand. Email is the preferred method, followed by text, though in an emergency or for greater clarification please phone.

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Jason Cellini
c: 630-327-1835

General Manager

Kim Weiss

Sound & Light

Dan Yotz
c: 630-618-9733


Starting times for bands vary and are agreed during booking. Parking is free and abundant. Busses & RVs can be accommodated. Load in is through the front entrance, vehicles may be temporarily parked immediately adjacent to the door on the east side. It is approximately 30’ from curb to stage. There is a ramp up the curb, and 3 steps to get on stage. The stage is dual purpose and holds seating for the majority of the week. For entertainment, the tables and chairs are removed, as is the front railing. There is no green room on location. WiFi password is: oldtowne One word, lowercase, “e” at the end. Since some groups utilize their own sound tech, not all shows are booked with a house engineer. Verify tech responsibility with booking agent to determine the Sound system consists of 2400w power through the mains and 3600w for low-frequency extension. A digital board provides 16 input channels, 4 mono and 2 stereo monitor mixes (1 on stage, 1 at board), an ambient mix (utilizing the Bose jukebox speakers), as well as the main mix. Everything can be controlled
from the stage via iPad, though a dedicated sound tech is always recommended to maximize the impact of your music. Board can provide a multitrack or stereo recording of the event. Lights include 8 LED par washes, 25 moving mirror luminaries, a lazer/strobe, and a haze machine. Lights are controlled via iPad and may be operated by the sound tech, or from stage, or by someone in the audience who is familiar with your music.


Venu provides One (1) iPad loaded with both light and sound control apps. While it is possible to switch between these, it is often preferable to have simultaneous access. Users are encouraged to bring an additional iPad to control the soundboard. Please pre-load with the Qu-Pad app which is available for free in the App Store. Advanced loading allows users to become familiar with the interface before the day of the show. Limited control of monitors is also available on iPhones via the free Qu-You app. Use of personal iPad for lighting would require purchasing the Luminair app and loading system settings.


Allen & Heath QU-16 Digital Mixer (can be controlled via iPad)

  • Gate/Compressor/4 Band PEQ on each Channel
  • PEQ & Graphic EQ on all outputs
  • 4 mono monitors sends to stage
  • 2 stereo monitor sends 1 on stage, 1 at board
  • 1 stereo send to house bose music system
  • 4 stereo fx (two on FX sends, two as inserts)
  • stereo or multitrack recording

DBX DriveRack-PA2 System Processor
DBX AFS-224 Feedback Eliminator (on monitors)
(2) ElectroVoice QRx-212/75 powered by Crown MacroTech-2402
(6) Bag End 2x12” Subwoofers powered by Crown MacroTech-3600
(2) ElectoVoice 112p Monitors
(2) JBL EON 610 Monitors

Microphones & DI

(2) Blue Encore 200 Phantom Powered Dynamic Mic
(2) Shure SM-58 Cardiod Dynamic Mic
(3) Shure SM-57 Cardioid Dynamic Mic
(1) Shure Beta 52a Kick Drum Mic
(2) CAD CM-217 Cardiod Condensors
(1) CAD SN-210 Snare Mic w/ integrated clamp
(3) CAD TM-211 Tom Mic w/ integrated clamp
(1) CAD KM-212 Cardiod Dynamic Bass Drum Mic
(1) dbx RTA-M Omnidirectional Condensor Mic
(1) ART PDB direct box
(1) Whirlwind IMP direct Box


(4) Tall Tripod Boom
(4) Short Tripod Boom
(1) Straight Tall Round Base
(3) Shure drum mic clamps


(1) Robe DJ Scan 250XT 250w metal halide moving mirror

11 dichroic colors + open, 3 dual color dichroic
9 rotatable metal gobos + open

(4) Martin RoboScan 812 150w metal halide moving mirror

11 dichroic colors + open
11 gobos + open and blackout

(2) ADJ Pocket Scan 100w halogen moving mirror w/ 4.9 mW Laser

15 color gels + open (can be positioned to split)
13 gobos + open

(18) Chauvet Intimidator 2 250w halogen moving mirror

11 dichroic colors + open
14 gobos + open

(8) ADJ TriPar Profile 15w LED w/ RGB color mixing
(1) ADJ Stinger II laser, strobe, moonflower
(1) Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D fog machine
All lights controlled via Luminair app on venue iPad


3 Power Strips, 6 IEC power cords, White Electrical Tape, Headphones

drawing of Stage layout