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Cosmic Railroad

 “Cosmic Railroad” is a jam band based out of southeastern Wisconsin. The band was born sometime in 1999 (give or take a year or two in either direction). As the story goes, all the guys in “Cosmic Railroad” were involved with their own respected bands. These bands would book shows together from time to time. You know, one band opening the night and the other band closing the night. On occasion they would hook up at the end of the show for third set jam session. The jam session consists of everybody from both bands at once. Sometimes you would have four guitar players, two bass players, two drummers, a percussionist and a whole slue of singers all at once, on stage, throwing it down. This is when the idea of “Cosmic Railroad” was conceived.

The band has settled in on three guitars players, two drummers and one bass player now and looks like they are having fun with that line-up. As Patrick Fineran from the Journal Times puts it “if you like the Dead, Phish, older Dave Matthews and bands like that, Greg, Mike, Pete, Paul, Brandon and Shawn may be what you looking for”. He also adds that “the Cosmic Railroad has been laying down the deepest hippy groove since 1999 and it doesn’t look like its going to stop any time soon”.

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